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We have been providing Managed IT Services and support for many years to non-profit organizations. This allows our engineers to effectively improve operations so that our clients’ non-profits run smoothly, which allows them to focus on raising awareness for their cause and put their resources into their mission. The scope of the IT services we provide allows them to stretch their budget to maximise their return on investment.

Product Development

Manufacturing, engineering, and companies involved in product development must make every effort to gain a competitive advantage to beat back their rivals. Binary Strategies creates the type of workplace environment in which inventory management, logistics, sales and customer or client retention are all integrated to operate at maximum efficiency. Our team can provide you with IT support for production, inventory, order entry and CRM systems.


Binary Strategies provides a growing company what it needs to scale, including processes and procedures, IT procurement and licensing as well as asset management, which puts you in a position to open additional offices. With “skills augmentation,” rather than conventional “staff augmentation,” our engineers work to meet objectives and complete projects based on a specified statement of work and end result.


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