Managed Services - So you can run your business.

We specialize in helping small businesses manage their I.T. services allowing your energies focused on growing your business. Binary Strategies can provide you with Managed I.T. Services so you have the peace-of-mind you need to run your business.

By utilizing managed IT services, a business owner can streamline their IT operations while enjoying the benefits of more reliable networks. Rather than worrying all the time about their technology, they can keep their focus where it should be, on building their business.

An I.T. department for your I.T. department.

Picture this, your main line of business application goes down. Your IT team has spent the hours struggling to get it back up and nothing has worked. Rather than calling for a specialist to come out and then waiting forever to get everything back up and running, our remote IT services can fix the problem quickly and easily. Binary Strategies has the ability to remote into your network from our location, making it a fast and extremely convenient way for you to get the problem solved.


Our cloud or yours.

Our Smart Cloud offers small to mid-sized businesses the best possible private cloud solution according to customer outcomes and the value derived. We provide on-premise and hosted cloud solutions incorporated with infrastructure managed services. By using the best cloud provisioning hardware and software, we are able to deliver customized hybrid and private cloud solutions for the same price as a multi-tenanted public cloud would cost, but without the disadvantages that come with a public cloud.

Continuity. Tranquility.

All businesses are confronted by any number of threats, from minor power outages to unexpected natural disasters. These can easily disrupt your phone system and Internet connection, resulting in downtime. Every time this happens you can lose customers and revenue.

Our Business Continuity Solutions have one goal and that is to keep your business running with minimal effect on your business. We do this by implementing the following:

  • Wireless Backup: Should your business lose phone service and Internet connection, our system automatically transfers phone calls, Internet access including email messages to a wireless network. Our service is designed to be compatible with any type of phone and/or Internet service.

  • Advanced Voice Solutions: When and if an unplanned event occurs, our system will seamlessly reroute and forward all phone calls to a different phone number.

  • Cloud Hosting and Data Backup: Keeps your critical data and applications safe and secure by avoiding the risk that on-site servers pose.

  • Data Networking: If there should be an outage our system offers secure, redundant hardware and brilliantly designed network routing to provide automatic failover.